Human Connection. Outside.


Why Community Matters

We are on the cusp of building on the original vision — which was to create a center for the community where people with shared passions could come together. Fifteen years since getting a glimpse into the opportunity at Snoqualmie Pass, after buying a home where evo employees could spend time together, we are uniquely positioned to Create the Mountain Town of the Future.


Community is at the core of everything that we do, the lens that we look through when considering our approach to development. From public amenities meant for all throughout the Puget Sound region, to small, thoughtfully designed gathering areas for those that purchase our homes, our primary measure of success will be the quality of the experiences that people share together.

We came for the easy access to skiing and stayed for the community.
— Mindy Ziffren-Hall, Loft Owner

We’re sharing meals not only as a family of five, but also as part of a new, diverse and growing Pass Life family.
— Orest & Natalie Holubec, Loft Owners


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